oil • acrylic

Chuck BauerMy father was in the military so I grew up all over the world: Munich, Okinawa, Frankfurt, Paris, and many US locations. I was always interested in art, but discovered both formal studio art and art history in college, earning my B.F.A., 1969, from Ohio Wesleyan University and my M.A, Fine Arts, from U.W., Madison, 1970. Since then I have continued to study and practice many forms of two-dimensional and three-dimensional visual art, both representational and abstract, but have lately emphasized conventional oil painting on canvas. Currently I enjoy exploring the built environment as my subject matter, finding abundant composition opportunities and light effects to be endlessly interesting and varied, and providing me with flexible material for color expression discovery.

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  • Streetscape 1
  • Streetscape 2
  • Streetscape 3

DEMONSTRATION: I will be demonstrating preliminary drawing, and composition adjustment, followed by establishment of a value structure on which the balance of the painting will depend.

STUDIO ACCESS: After a short walk between perennial flower gardens, and across a mowed lawn which slants gently upward, there are three steps up into the Hen House Studio/Gallery. The space within is very well lit, but it has a slightly uneven floor. Refreshments will be served.

Credit Cards are not accepted by this artist.

N-9075 York Center Road, Blanchardville, WI | 608-523-4987 |