basketry • willow art

Tamlyn Akins at workI’m always exploring, experimenting and learning. The excitement of experimenting with color and form is very satisfying for me, sometimes leading to conclusions I’d not foreseen. My preference is to use natural materials as much as I can. I grow my own willow and enjoy using found objects in my pieces. But manmade objects do find their way into my work at times to express the need for color or emphasis.

I want to create pieces that evoke in others more awareness and appreciation for the beauty, fragility, and importance of our natural surroundings and fellow creatures. If, at times, some humor is detected, that’s all to the good!

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  • Wooly Bears and Falling Leaves
  • Tapestry of Flight
  • Reflections in the Water

DEMONSTRATION: I’ll be doing continuous demonstration of random weave with willow or rattan.  

STUDIO ACCESS: Tamlyn Akins Art & Design is located at the address below. Visitors are encouraged to drive up to the house. Nancy's artwork will be handicap accessible.

Credit Cards are accepted by this artist.

Nancy will be exhibitng at Tamlyn Akins Art & Design
4629 Highway JJ, Black Earth, WI 53515 | 608-767-1281

To contact Nancy Bruins: 608-767-2214 |