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Julie RaaschI have a passion for jewelry and working with metal. As a metalsmith I enjoy working with sterling silver, copper and sometimes brass. I discovered the fun and beauty of etching copper and brass, and have achieved some interesting vintage effects with etching and different finishes. I also scour antique stores, estate sales and the occasional rummage sale for vintage pieces and artifacts to incorporate into new jewelry. When on a treasure hunt it’s exciting when I spot an item and can envision how I might re-purpose it for one of my pieces. I am continuously growing, experimenting, and incorporating new materials and new techniques when making pieces of jewelry. Whether it's working with sterling silver, copper sheet, vintage jewelry, license plates, or other salvage material, I believe each piece of jewelry I create is a small piece of art.

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  • Copper Necklace
  • Copper Bracelets
  • Dragonfly

Besides a passion for jewelry I have a passion for photography. My photographs capture the world around me, especially the features of the two-acre prairie remnant in my backyard. The prairie is always changing and provides an abundance of different subjects. As one flower sets seed another starts blooming, insects come and go, fall gives way to winter and each day presents fresh scenes and subjects. At the same time, I always push my vision to see the prairie and the life contained from a different perspective. My observations do not stop when I walk out of the prairie. I can often be seen toting my camera wherever I go, always in search of the next great photographic opportunity or subject.

I am a naturally creative and curious person and always discovering something new, whether it's through my lens or a new bit of something to make into jewelry.

DEMONSTRATIONS: Jewelry - I will demonstrate form folding techniques and talk about the processes I use when designing and build a piece of jewelry. Photography - I will have my photographs on display and will tell the stories behind how I capture my images.

STUDIO ACCESS: Around the back of the house, down a small hill with a step up into the house. Visitors are welcome to walk around the prairie. Terrain around the prairie is hilly.

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9404 County Road A, Mount Horeb (Primrose Township), WI 53572 | 608-577-9797
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