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Tamlyn Akins at workWorking with metal, beads, wood and paint, my art is influenced by the natural world, by found objects and by industrial landscapes. Therefore, Steampunk was a natural pursuit for my ideas for jewelry. Recycling is important to me and almost everything used in my jewelry is recycled and put to this fresh use. From deconstructed vintage jewelry, older chains and found objects, my pieces have taken on a new life. These pieces of jewelry will make a fine choice for yourself, or gifts for the young, the young at heart and for your family and friends who appreciate the Steampunk aesthetic.

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DEMONSTRATION: I will be making Steampunk and other beaded and recycled-materials jewelry. This will give the visitors a chance to see how vintage and/or unusual pieces can be transformed into something with new usefulness.

STUDIO ACCESS: After a short walk between perennial flower gardens, and across a mowed lawn which slants gently upward, there are three steps up into the Hen House Studio/Gallery. The space within is very well lit, but it has a slightly uneven floor. Refreshments will be served.

Credit Cards are not accepted by this artist.

Sue Schuetz will be exhibiting at:
N-9075 York Center Road, Blanchardville, WI | 608-523-4987
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