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Barbara WestfallI am a Wisconsin artist, designer and educator specializing in the development and creation of art and environments that weave the beauty and mystery of nature's forms, materials and colors into people's lives. I received formal training in woodworking, painting and glass at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I earned a BFA and MFA, and served the University of Wisconsin-Platteville from 2011-2014 as Assistant Professor of Art. My home and studio are located west of Madison, WI, in the Upper Sugar River Watershed, where I have lived for the past 27 years with my family. I draw inspiration from the place where I live focusing on native plants and the water surrounding the lush river valley below.

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  • Vermillion Foliage
  • Currents
  • Coleus Dreams

I am also inspired by my time spent in the coastal lands and waters of western Florida where mangroves, sun and sand provide respite from the harsh Wisconsin winter bringing fresh insight into nature’s bountiful gifts. My creative process is intrinsically woven into my day-to-day interactions with the natural world. My art reflects my immersion in nature, and through my expressions of ecosystems I have learned to further appreciate the beauty and complexity of life on our planet. I have spent two decades exploring the theme of water in my art because it is present in a healthy body’s functioning, and ultimately, water sustains all life on the planet. I also make art that explores biomes, trees, flowers, underwater gardens, full moons, sunny days and the multitude of feelings nature evokes.

DEMONSTRATION: Viewers will be able to view current art glass works in progress in the studio.

STUDIO ACCESS: My studio is located at ground level and is accessible by wheelchair. Visitors can park next to the studio and enter the building which is located directly at the end of Swan Road off the cul du sac. Gardens, hiking trails and a picnic table are all located outside of the studio for guests to use.

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Barbara Westfall
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