oil • acrylic

Chuck Bauer
My father was in the military and I grew up worldwide, with several years in Asia, and many in Europe. Our family always explored the cultures we were in, and my mother took art classes, and sometimes I would go along. In school I was comfortable with academics, but really loved art best.

I have been painting since college (B.F.A., 1969 Ohio Wesleyan University, and M.A., UW Madison, 1970), and seriously since 1981 when I moved to rural Blanchardville, Wisconsin and began to paint outside (en plein air) as much as I could.

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  • Untitled House #1
  • Uhntitled House #2
  • Mexico

I enjoy switching between water and oil painting media, though I have experimented with both sculpture and mosaic. My inspiration arises from a desire to capture the moment, the light, or some other hard to define compositional element that attracts my attention. For me the immediate subject matter is not the primary meaning of the work, and I always try to look deeper.

I am drawn to subjects with a domestic or a natural theme, and use conventional approaches that covey nostalgia and tranquility. Not afraid of color, or experimentation, however, my early training as an abstract painter still fuels his current approach to realistic topics; I seek solid composition, but also playful and perhaps sometimes unexpected results. In painting, I believe, you have to balance your thinking: employing not too much or too little; thus, seeking to keep both the painter, and the viewer, intrigued, excited, entertained.

DEMONSTRATION: I will be demonstrating preliminary drawing, and composition adjustment, followed by establishment of a value structure on which the balance of the painting will depend.

STUDIO ACCESS: After a short walk between perennial flower gardens, and across a mowed lawn which slants gently upward, there are three steps up into the Hen House Studio/Gallery. The space within is very well lit, but it has a slightly uneven floor. Refreshments will be served.

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