Peg Ginsberg painting in her studioI have always been art-inclined, but I have kept it secondary to everything else in life, thinking that I could never make a living as an artist, even with more education credentials. So when watercolors tracked me down again late in life when the living was made and the family was grown and the loans and mortgages were paid off, I fell under it’s spell.“

I have been painting and exploring the many possibilities that watercolor provides since 1996 and sharing that love and those possibilities with my students in small groups at my local studio and gallery since 2008. The work spans every direction come across and many still appearing. Life is full of beauty, once you learn to look for it and see it.

I studied fine art at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and Layton School of Art in Milwaukee, but didn’t discover watercolor until taking a community class at the local library. Since then I have followed that with workshops and books and videos as often as possible. All these things have been explored and adapted to my personal style, as well as shared and explored through and with my students.

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DEMONSTRATION: I will be demonstrating some of the more playful ways of approaching watercolor throughout the weekend as time and visitors allow, including Yupo, bubbles, plastic wrap, and liquid mask. 

STUDIO ACCESS: Entrance to the studio is a few steps up from the sidewalk.

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Peg Ginsberg Watercolors
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