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Pamela GrabberWhether it’s vegetables and flowers grown in my garden, familiar domestic objects, or landscapes I visit, my personal connection to those things is what inspires me. I’m especially interested in capturing my place in time through the medium of paint as I explore the timeless images of garden, beach, forest, field, or sunset.

When I am painting in oils, watercolors, and acrylics, I enjoy the challenge each medium presents. Engaging the challenge requires an intensity of focus that I find peaceful. Outdoor painting is an immersion of the senses as well as a race with time to capture the light. Often I’m overwhelmed, but I’m smitten so I stay curious and go for it!

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  • Scott's Spott
  • Backyard Bleeding Hearts
  • Curcurbits

I employ several approaches. In acrylics, I build layers of opaque color. In watercolor and oils, I layer areas of transparent color. For my still life oil paintings, I use a technique called grisaille, which is French for “gray painting”. First, I paint the entire image in black, white, and gray. Then, I layer thin glazes of color one at a time, allowing several weeks of drying time between layers, until I reach the desired effect. Some of these paintings can take months to complete! My college degree is a BFA in Printmaking. It could be said that I paint like a printmaker, since these techniques of layering one color at a time are much like the process of printing.

“Relax, behold the beauty in Creation. Enjoy this peaceful moment. Contemplate the light.” This is the meaning of my paintings! 

DEMONSTRATION: I have a display that I use to explain the grisaille technique I employ in my oil paintings. I will display them in my studio. I also have several paintings in different stages of the glazing process available to demonstrate the next phase of color overlay for visitors.

STUDIO ACCESS: My home studio is situated on a cul du sac with a paved driveway to the entrance. There are three steps leading to the covered stoop entrance on the east side of my house. My studio is on the same level as the entrance, and is accessed through the adjacent dining room which also serves as my gallery space. Visitors may park on the level street or in my driveway.

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