fiber • textiles

Miryeong Hong
Inspired by color-saturated four seasons in my homeland, South Korea, I have made Jogakbo (Korean traditional patchwork) with Korean traditional fabric for fifteen years, most of which as an expatriate in the U.S. With Jogakbo, I focus on various textures and colors that represent distinctive splendor in each season to help me overcome my homesickness. My artworks have been exhibited at various places including a public library and galleries, and participated in local art fairs, and shown in schools in the Madison area.

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DEMONSTRATION: I will demonstrate with project(s) I am currently working on.

STUDIO ACCESS: Visitors enter the studio via an accessible wooden ramp that leads to the front door.

Credit Cards are not accepted by this artist.

Miryeong Hong will be exhibiting with Doug Haynes at:
9902 Blue Valley Road, Mount Horeb, WI, 608-437-4990 during tour/608-255-0201 other times
Contact Miryeong Hong: 608-217-0269 | miryeongoni@gmail.com | instagram.com/onijogakbo