hand-colored photographs

Aileen MusaColoring photos by hand allows me to reinterpret an image in a way that color film cannot. It allows me to communicate a feeling as well as a sense of nostalgia. When I hand color a photograph, I can change the world, if only for moment. Each image begins with either a black and white photo or a digital painting from an original photo. I hand color the black and white image, adding all of the color. I print the digital painting in color and hand-embellish it. For both applications, I use a variety of mediums such as pan pastels, pencil, acrylic paints. I was inspired to hand paint my photos by a hand painted black and white photograph of an English garden by Wallace Nutting. It was a wedding gift for my grandparents as in the early 1920’s. This image, my inspiration, now hangs in my home. I hope you like my view of the world.

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DEMONSTRATION: I will be working on hand coloring photographs during the tour.

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Aileen will be exhibiting at:
Rimrock Farm Barn, 3975 Moe Road, Mount Horeb, WI 53572
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