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Judy Robb at workI am a North American artist whose work is representative of my daily life and encounters in Wisconsin’s Driftless Region and beyond. My art represents the things that inspire and convey emotion for any given day. Landscapes, woodlands, fauna, flora, people past and present and in dreams, I create and make things on a whim or an idea I have pondered. A life-time seeker of curiosities, I have always been an artist in multiple media.

Prior to painting and early in my professional career, I studied as a photographer in Chicago working with influential photographers learning key studio techniques related to lighting, film, print and portraiture. My love of painting grew as I began painting large canvas backdrops for portraiture. Expanding beyond the confines of the studio, I evolved my work to the field where I became enthralled with the compendium of people’s history and stories. Photography eventually evolved to painting and new forms of expression.

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  • Three Foxes
  • Catherine of Aragon
  • Deer in Winter

A nature enthusiast, keeper of bees and other curiosities, I paint and craft interpretations of the everyday things that comprise my life in the beautiful Driftless region as well my travels. I have an MS in Computer Science: Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University and a BA in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin where I also studied art history in depth. After developing my Masters’ thesis on the role technology can play in enabling and augmenting the personal museum experience, I worked extensively with world-renowned museums and organizations as a creative director and technologist, traveling the world. I now make my home and work as a professional artist back where I belong, in beautiful Wisconsin.

PORTRAIT SKETCH PRIZE: Guests at my studio who make a purchase will be entered to win a portrait sketch sitting.

DEMONSTRATION: My creative process demonstrations during the Spring Art Tour weekend will be en Plein Air (flowers, woods), portraiture and still life painting. My studio gallery will be open to the public as well. 

STUDIO ACCESS: My art studio and gallery are located on the well-traveled and maintained County Road JJ. The main permanent gallery is located immediately upon entering the front door of my home. There will also be a Plein Air gallery display tent for the art tour weekend in the garden yard. Ample parking is available in the driveway and on County Road JJ. Refreshments will be available.

Credit Cards are accepted by this artist.

4335 County Rd. JJ, Black Earth, WI | 608-338-3106
judy@vandehoney.com | judyrobb.com | facebook.com/vandehoney | instagram.com/vandehoney