steel sculpture

Nana Schowalter
I have a background in fine art, earning an MFA degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1987, with an emphasis on sculpture. I was first introduced to blacksmithing in 1984. My artork includes interior sculpture, garden sculpture, and commission work.

I combine iron, copper, and brass in works inspired by the images of ancient cultures from around the world. I have exhibited and taught nationally. I will present a collection of garden sculptures in the perennial gardens at Bauer Studio dudring the tour.


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  • Dragon Crest
  • Starlet
  • Mountain Pose

DEMONSTRATION: I will have a video or slide presentation which shows how I create my sculptures.

STUDIO ACCESS: After a short walk between perennial flower gardens, and across a mowed lawn which slants gently upward, there are three steps up into the Hen House Studio/Gallery. The space within is very well lit, but it has a slightly uneven floor. Refreshments will be served.

Credit Cards are not accepted by this artist.

Nana Schowalter will be exhibiting at:
Bauer Studio
N-9075 York Center Road, Blanchardville, WI | 608-523-4987
Contact Nana: |