Projects & Events

The main project of the MHAAA is the annual Spring Art Tour on the first weekend in June. Another is the MHAAA Art Scholarship Award. Annual fundraising is done through the sale of posters, note cards, and raffle tickets. The receipts from these sales bring us enough to provide a $500 Student Art Scholarship to help high school seniors pay for higher education in order to pursue their dreams of a career and life in the arts, as well as to help fund the Spring Art Tour.

Other events include quarterly meetings of the MHAAA, fundraising events, and occassional art exhibitions and community programs related to the arts (see below).

Mount Horeb Art Fair Fundraiser 2015



  • February 11: MHAAA quarterly meeting.
  • June 5-7: Spring Art Tour
  • August 1-31: MHAAA Group Exhibit at the University Hospital in Madison, WI.